Saturday, July 28, 2012

Post 2067 - One Down. One To Go

Welcome to Saturday.

I turned 48 in ... oh, that series is over.  Sorry!

As of midnight this evening my vacation will be exactly half over.  I have another several days to kill around here before I return to the city for that secret mission I will tell you about next week.

I want to clear up a misconception, if you don't mind.  There is a huge, honkin' satellite dish in front of Patricia's cottage.  It is a relic of a bygone era, when satellite dishes were the size of an elephant's arsehole.  There were magazines that spelled out what would be on the most obscure of channels, and people made it their life's work to check out all of those channels, as much as possible.  Remember Johnny Carson?  Back in the day, he would send the raw cut of his show to the various affiliates by this old satellite method.  They contained the asides that would normally be edited out of a broadcast, or not be seen at all, due to commercial breaks.  (Ever wonder what they're talking about during commercial breaks?  Wonder no more).  People used to be able to pick up those broadcasts on those big satellite dishes until Johnny got wise and found a way to scramble them.

Anyway, we don't want that satellite dish.  We want it gone.  But who removes these things?  Is there a scrap metal dealer who would take it off our hands?

The side effect of that monstrosity is that everybody around here thinks we have scads of channels to watch.  Such is not the case.  We only have the few channels that come over the air.  We had to buy a digital tv descrambler last year when the analog signals mostly went away.  Two of them come in great, but the Global signal comes and goes.  When we're not watching tv, or staring lovingly into each other's eyes, we're watching movies or tv shows on dvd's from my collection that we never got around to watching before, or even watching stuff on the vcr we keep there.   I don't buy dvd's any more, except maybe as presents for people who haven't figured out bit torrents yet.  I have quite a few of these dvd's.  The other night, we watched "Mission Impossible: III", and liked it a whole lot.   Not sure what we'll watch this evening, assuming we don't go to the River John parade and fireworks, not that you want to hear my rant about that stuff again.

I will let you know what comes out of our decision, tomorrow.  If we stayed in and stared etc., or ventured out to see the parade and fireworks.  I am hoping for the former, as long as tv is involved as well.

I guess that's it for now.

See you tomorrow.


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