Sunday, July 29, 2012

Post 2068 - My Sunday

I have put it off enough.  WE have put it off enough.  The lawn at the cottage need attention, and lots of it.
This means several hours of sitting on a lawn tractor, probably with ear muffs on, to protect my delicate hearing.  For the most part, I don't mind being out there.  I can be on the lawn tractor for hours at a time, lost in my thoughts, solving all the world's problems, plotting the Great Canadian Novel, and scarcely notice the time go by.  As long as I have access to a bathroom from time to time, I'm good to go. 

Patricia will remain inside while I sweat my Bevboy's off, or perhaps sit outside on the back deck, watching me without a trace of guilt on her face.  It is a Bevboy's lot, after all.

Perhaps she will make a good meal for us, or point innocently at the kitchen and order me to wear that French Maid uniform yet again and prepare dinner. 

What a wonderful day I've planned for myself.

I'd better get started.


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