Monday, July 30, 2012

Post 2069 - The Second Week

Where did  the first week of vacation go?  It is now Monday the 30th of July.  I am officially in the second week of my vacation. 

Because I was able to mow the lawn on  Sunday, I have every intention of doing as little today as possible.  Because the Olympics are on, and I don't give a poop about them, this frees up time away from watching "Live With Kelly", "The View", "Dr. Oz", "Ellen", "Anderson Cooper", and "Dr. Phil", and perhaps some time to devote to transcribing a couple of blog interviews that are way overdue.  I want to go back to work next week knowing that I have made a good dent in them. 

(Yes.  I watch that much tv.  More if there's something good on.)

I will report back here tomorrow with my success or failure with respect to transcribing and other things.  After all, I know you want to know.  You hang on every word I type, don't you?  You're like my mother.  Yes.  You!

You guys have a great day.  I have some work to do.

See you tomorrow.


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