Saturday, August 4, 2012

Post 2074 - 30 Years Later

I am back to my mother's after a wonderful time at my 30 year high school reunion party at Medford, outside of Kingsport. It was the site of the high school graduation parties back in the day. Let's not discuss them here.

This affair was in the works for several months. I'd not have missed it for the world. I saw folks today and tonight whom I hadn't seen literally since the summer of 1982. Some of them live not far from my mother's here and others do not live terribly far from my own home. Our paths didn't cross over the intervening years.

Let's face it. When you go to these things, part of the experience is to see who's bald, who's fat, who's gray, who's gay. Some of the guys have lost quite a bit of hair. Some of us, me included, have put on a few pounds. But after a few minutes, the ravages of time seemed to fade away and we could harken back to those long-ago times and remember the good and overlook the bad.

None of the old teachers was invited. Given how we still feel about some of them, it's just as well.

There was one disturbing story. I share it with you to creep you out. In the "Year in Review" for 1982, the first part, I mentioned how the school librarian wanted to sue us for how we mocked her at the school winter carnival.


It turns out that she is alive and well. She was old back then. She must be crazy old now. Old as in, "Here. Sit down. Can I get you some Geritol?" old. Anyway, we learned today that she and her now-dead husband were nudists. Their house was designed in such a way that the windows were on the second floor only, and were half height so that passersby would not see them as they'd traipse around the house in their birthday suits. It is a creepy, weird, and possibly evil image which is now etched into my brain. Only a frontal lobotomy could remove it. Maybe not even that.

More than a few people told me today and this evening that they read this blog. I do hope that they check it out again and soon. I need all the readers I can get. I gave out so many blog business cards today that I may have to order a new batch before much longer.

Linda Scott and Heather Rand organized this reunion. Ladies. Thank you very much for doing this. It was much appreciated. I hope it's not another 30 years before I see you again.

Because, you know, by then, in addition to who's bald, fat and gray and gay, we'd have to add another category.

Who's dead.

See you tomorrow.

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