Sunday, August 5, 2012

Post 2075 - Sunday

Well, I had every intention of returning to the city today. But my body became weak during this extreme heat and I slept much of the afternoon away. I will return to Halifax early tomorrow morning.

My uncle and his wife visited this evening. I hadn't seen them in a while. They showed up as I was setting up the computer desk in a spare bedroom here at my mother's. Dad had his old hospital bed in here. A couple of months ago, when I got this desk, my mother told me she'd be very happy if the bed were gone as it reminded her too much of him and was taking up space and was useless to her and me. We ended up giving it away. That was more than a month ago.

Finally, this evening, I took the time to carry the 4 pieces of the desk to this room and assemble them. Once I'd done that, I carried the constituent parts of an older desktop computer in here and hooked that up. I sit here at the computer now, listening to CBC radio on a radio I'm now keeping in here. I got this radio 10 years ago at a Port Williams yard sale for a whopping 50 cents. Still works great.

Back to the city tomorrow. Back to work on Tuesday. Another vacation over!

I mustn't tell Newbie that he's coming back with me tomorrow. He'll just hide again. Little so-and-so.

See you tomorrow.

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