Saturday, August 11, 2012

Post 2081 - Rumours Have No Place on Bevboy's Blog!

Bevboy's Blog is the place where you can read my silly comments about things like what I did that day.  It also has had periods in which I discussed a year in my life.  There is a present miniseries regarding my life in review.  I will one day resurrect the things in Halifax that don't make sense series as well as the Early Bevboy (information pretty much mined by the year in review stuff).  There is something here for everybody.

Of course, I am best known for my interviews with radio folks.  I have worked hard, damned hard, to earn the trust of the jocks and I make sure that my interviews treat them with respect.  I make mistakes, but I learn from them and try to make sure they don't happen again.  I do my best.  And considering how forthright the jocks have been with me, I feel I can state that I have had some degree of success.  I hope you agree.

One thing I don't want to truck in is rumours.  They are the first cousins of lies.  They are the slack-jawed, red-headed stepchildren of damned lies.   They are nearly as bad as statistics.

Earlier today, I received a comment on an interview for someone in which she states something about the jock that might be embarrassing to him.   Never mind what it is or who the jock is.  Just... never mind.

I am not going to approve that comment.  It is from an anonymous source.  If she had the courage of her convictions she would identify herself.  She doesn't mind embarrassing the jock, but wouldn't dream of embarrassing herself.  Shame.   Shame on her.

I don't mind controversy here.  Anything to goose the readership numbers.  But I am not going to deal in rumours and innuendo and hearsay, particularly from an anonymous source too chickenshit to say who she is or why she wrote what she did.


See you tomorrow.


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