Monday, August 13, 2012

Post 2083 - No! It's The Heat!

We have had, comparatively speaking, very little rain in Nova Scotia this summer.  The farmers are crying for more rain.  So are the cottagers.  My mother would love more rain, please.

I would love some more rain.  It might break the oppressive heat and humidity around here.  It is becoming increasingly hard to sleep at night.  Newbie's fur is drooping precipitously.   I sit around the house in my foundation garments as much as possible.   Before I go to bed, I wring them out.  Sleep is becoming a four letter word around here, and is obtained in brief, non-contiguous chunks punctuated by bouts of staring at the ceiling and praying to go back to the land of Nod.

I end up going to work half asleep and sitting in a relatively air-conditioned office.  After marinating in my own sweat all night, and then the AC at work, I feel freeze-dried by the end of a typical work day.  Then, I go home and marinate some more.  At least I'm not a cat.

Patricia is feeling much the same way, except that she looks much better in her foundation garments than I do in mine.  Same for Cindy Clawford.

I will sacrifice a goat.  I will pray to Odin.  I will buy stock in RIM.  Anything to get some rain around here.

What would you be willing to do to get some precipitation?

See you tomorrow.


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