Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post 2087 - More About Clive Schaefer

I am on a Facebook group called "Halifax Radio Memories".   It is about, well, memories regarding radio in Halifax.  Don't over complicate this.


Since the news broke about Clive Schaefer's death, there have been many stories about Clive.  Each one mentioned how professional he was, how his command of English was second to none (and how he would waste no opportunity to correct your grammar), and what a gentleman he was.

Don Connolly on Information Morning this morning, mentioned Clive.  They worked together at CHNS in the early 1970's.  Don spoke with great respect about Clive, but did say that they often disagreed with one another.

It should not fall to a blogger like me, who only met him the one time, to write about him.  This should be done by people who really did know him and loved him and respected him.  But other than on that Facebook page and a few other Facebook status updates, I don't see much of that.  That's pretty disappointing.

Wednesday evening, a comment was left on the blog regarding the first  Clive post.  It turned out to be from Senator Mike Duffy, who worked with Clive in the mid  1960's.  Senator Duffy and I have exchanged some private emails since then.  He once again stated how much he respected Clive.  That's great.  But why don't people write and speak this stuff in public?

Clive's visitation will be Sunday evening from 7-9 at Snow's Funeral Home on Lacewood.  His funeral will be 10 the next morning in the same place.  If I can get the time off work (hi, Kevin!) I would like to go to both.  I anticipate that there will be plenty of people there, and maybe then, we will hear some public pronouncements on how people felt about him.

Clive deserves it.

And somewhere, he will be commenting on everyone's grammar.

See you tomorrow.


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