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Post 2088 – Yet More About Clive Schaefer


It would seem that my comments last evening about Clive and how people are not being vocal enough and public enough, and effusive enough, in their feelings about Clive. 

Mike Duffy read that post.  He asked me to add the following:

Clive taught me there is always another side to the story, that we should always look at all sides of an issue.  On performance, he taught me to get the words up off the page. understand that you are speaking to your audience, not just r e a d i n g   a  script.  It is a scripted conversation, and like acting works best when it appears to be completely natural. That was always Clive’s credo: understand what you are trying to communicate and get the words up off the page. 


Senator Duffy sent that email to some other ex-CHNS’ers.  They include the following:



The CHNS Broadcasting Team of the Sixties was, beyond doubt, an unbelievably outstanding group of professional communicators. Led , for most of the Sixties, by born leader and communicator, Fred W. Arenburg, that Team was unbeatable for the better part of an entire decade.

As Metro's first radio station, CHNS' proud history was built in the first part of the Twentieth Century by notables such as Major William C. Borrett, J. Frank Willis, Cecil Landry, Anna Dexter, G.J. Redmond, John Funston and latterly, Don Tremaine and many others including Clive Schaeffer, both of whom were unflappable!

In fact, the story is still told of the time Tremaine krept into Schaeffer's studio while he was reading the 8 a.m. news live on the air, and used a cigarette lighter to ignite Schaeffer's newscast!  I'm told  that not one listener was ever aware of the excitement behind the microphone that day.

Personalities of that era of the Sixties...folks like Bob Oxley, Frank Cameron, Brian Sutcliffe, Mike MacNeil, Hal Blackadar, Bob Huggins. Mike Duffy, Clive Schaeffer, Jack Lynch and many others, were first class radio communicators, to be sure. The names still bring goosebumps of delight and respect, long after many radio and television stations'  unfortunate decline in today's convaluted communications world.

We salute your wonderful decades of service to Metro and Nova Scotia, Clive! May God Bless!
[A friend and colleague]

Orville Pulsifer


And this one:

Orv, Mike, thanks for expressing so well, Clive's role at CHNS over the many years he served the listeners of that once great station. Orv, with respect, you failed to mention your leadership role as one of the architects, along with Fred Arenburg, who built the station into a true powerhouse in news, public affairs programming and musically as well. Clive was one of the most gentle individuals anyone could hope to work with and he had a wonderful sense of humor. Always on time, and as mentioned, an unbelievable story teller on the air. Nothing could change the pace at which he read every newscast, including smoke, fire and, other antics.

He'll be not only missed by those of us who worked with him but, the thousands of listeners who were also his "fans" will mourn his loss as well.

With fondest memories,

Hal Blackadar


Tell you what: I will continue to add comments to this very blog post from anyone, any time, anywhere, who wants to write something about Clive Schaefer.  You may leave those comments via a comment to this blog.  As long as it is respectful, I will approve it.

Alternatively, you can send an email this address.  Once again, if it is respectful, I will add it to this post.

Start now.  Write now.  Write often.

See you tomorrow.


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