Saturday, August 18, 2012

Post 2089 - Another Valley Weekend

It is late Saturday night. I just finished watching the Captain America movie on the computer I keep here at my mother's. It's been a long day.

Got up at 6am. Drove here. After lunch I got Mom's groceries for her. She doesn't want to go out in this heat. Neither do I.

After I got back here, I napped for a while, which has ruined my sleep pattern for the night.

I transcribed some more of the Christina Fitzgerald interview. I've been very slow working on interviews and have to get more productive. Maybe if I hadn't spent all that time watching a really good movie tonight, I could have got much more done.

Newbie is next to me at this computer desk. He's urging me to turn in. So's my mother.

Sunday will be busy as well. Will be attending Clive Schaefer's visitation in the evening. Really should go to the funeral on Monday as well.

See you tomorrow.

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