Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Post 2092 - It's Settled

An FB friend answered my rhetorical question yesterday.  You know, I asked where Bayers Lake ends and Clayton Park begins.  Turns out that Bayers Lake ends at the Bi High overpass, and Clayton Park kicks in right after that.  So, the Home Depot is in Clayton Park.  Costco is in Bayers Lake.

I knew that Les Muise would know!

It is still humid around these parts, the kind of humidity that makes your underwear feel like a part of your body that you have to slough off with a loofah.  It's the kind of humidity that makes you want to jump into a meat locker naked and have unlawful congress with a side of beef.  It's the kind of humidity that makes you want to search Wikipedia for a way to disconnect your sweat glands.  You get my drift.

I have air conditioning in my car.  It feels great driving to work in the morning or going home at night.  But there is no AC in the house.  For that reason, we decided to go out for dinner.  The main criterion: The place had to have air conditioning.  If it didn't, we would walk out and go somewhere else.

We decided on Clay West Bar and Grill, formerly Kokomo's, in Bayers Lake.   For whatever reason, the old restaurant/lounge wasn't working out, so the owners decided to re-jig the menu and rename the place.  It now specializes in burgers.  If you're not in a burger frame of mine, don't go there.

Guess what?  We had burgers.  They were strange burgers.  Mine was called a "Hulfster", with a pile of meat and back bacon and cheese and veggies.  Patricia's was a "Dr. Feelgood", with a barbecue sauce reduced to the point of redundancy if not absurdity.  I didn't like mine very much.  Patricia didn't like hers very much.  So, we switched burgers and were happy.

After dinner, we drove home.  I got the mail, and was pleased to see that my new Kindle cover finally arrived.   It is an actual cover this time, resembling a book.  There is a slot inside where I can put a few Blog business cards.  There is a flap into which I put a couple sheets of paper, should I want to write something down or require some makeshift tp in a hurry.  I can even put a pen in there, but I likely won't bother, as it may compromise the kindle, which is what the cover is supposed to do in the first place.

A couple of hours ago, I retreated down here to my home office.  The ceiling fan is trying to blow air down on me, but I can barely feel it.   Newbie is in the old box that once contained frozen chicken pieces. I don't dare throw it out as it is one of his favourite places to sleep.   If I threw it out, he would sneak out after dark and retrieve it from the green bin.  May as well keep it until it disintegrates.

Well, it's time to go upstairs and try to get some sleep.  Yeah.  Right.  Hee hee.

See you tomorrow.


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