Thursday, August 23, 2012

Post 2094 - Thursday Night

I still have the awful memory, and worse taste, of Tuesday night's dinner in my brain and on my tongue.  Today was pay day, so I resolved to get something better.  Just because I could.  Just because I wanted to.

I picked up a second Samsung ML-1915 laser printer for 30 bucks after work.  I want to keep one at my mother's, and it was cheaper than the one I bought in June.  Like the one that will continue to live here, it will see little use.  But there are certainly times when it is necessary to print, even in 2012, and it's good to be prepared for those eventualities.

Anyway,  after that was over, Patricia wanted to go to Planet Organic and the pet store next door, on Quinpool Road.  (Do you know why it's called Quinpool Road, by the way?  A long time ago, there was a guy named Quinn, and he had a pool.)  I took the opportunity to jump over to the Ardmore Tea Room for a quick dinner.  Lucky me: Thursday nights are corn beef and cabbage nights.

I loved the meal.  Lots of mustard.  Lots of meat.  Lots of veggies.  Lots of cabbage, which I guess is another vegetable.

I wandered back to where Patricia should have been.  I rhapsodized so much about the meal I had just had, that she decided she wanted one as well.  After she was finished shopping, we both went to the Ardmore.  The server looked at me and laughed.  "Back for seconds?", she asked.  "Nope.  Patricia wants some.", I replied.  "Well, you're in luck, because there is exactly one order of it left!"

Patricia got her meal.  She hoed into it and enjoyed it very much.  At least half of it is going to be her lunch on Friday.

We came back home.  Fed the cats.  I played with my new printer for a bit.  And, now, it's time to turn in.

All in all, not a bad night at all!

See you tomorrow.


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