Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post 2010 - Shopping. Day Two. And Halifax Radio News

It is nearly 11pm Saturday. It is the end of another day of shopping with my mother.

As you might expect, I had to take a nap after we got back home. Mom just set out to put the victuals away.

Upon regaining consciousness, I got up and wandered into the kitchen. Thanks to a big lunch, I wasn't very hungry. Still not. Newbie was, though, so he bugged me until I fed him.

As I type these words, Newbie is on the floor next to the computer. The heat is probably getting to him. Don't blame him for that.

K-Rock in New Minas is now largely live from early in the morning until late at night, most days of the week. Saturday nights, they have a request show, and I love it to pieces. I realize many of you don't care, but live radio is much more compelling to me than vt'd stuff recorded whenever.

That's why the recent layoffs at Energy 103 and especially Live 105 are so disappointing. I realize they're not running a charity, but if one station is live and the other isn't, and I like the music on both stations, well, I'll gravitate to the live stuff. Wouldn't you? Rather than layoff some friends of mine, why don't they spend money and maybe even lose money for a while until their roi (return on investment) pays off? Most new businesses don't make money at first.

More than a few folks think there are too many radio stations in the Halifax market. it's not like they're going to show me the books or anything, but if some stations are coughing up blood, then maybe there are too many of them.
Sad. I love the variety. Hope all stations can thrive. But I fear otherwise.

Oh, K-Rock is even playing some much more recent music, and I heartily embrace this decision. They played The Trews this afternoon. Great stuff. They're doing a lot of things right. I wish them continued success.

They're not afraid to spend some money on their product.

See you tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

Here's the thing though... you mention layoffs then mention K-Rock being live.

Would it change your opinion at all to know that K-Rock's ability to have live evenings is at the sacrifice of their news department?

The job that I held for three years was deleted to pay for an evening announcer.

Live radio suffers either way.

Bevboy said...

Julia, it DOES change my opinion. I don't listen to K-Rock enough to notice the loss of a news person.

This is very disappointing. I know that you worked hard in that position and covered stories that nobody else did, or would.

I have noticed that the news hits on K-Rock are much shorter than they used to be. The morning ones are maybe 90 seconds, and the ones with Dave Chaulk are barely 2 minutes. I am guessing that was at the direction of the PD/GM?

I will write more about this on my blog this evening.

Thanks for the heads up. And for reading my blog.

How's by you?