Sunday, September 2, 2012

Post 2104 - My Sunday

We both slept in this morning. Less than 12 hours after she got up, Patricia's already in bed for the evening.

This afternoon, we visited our cottage neighbours. It was nice to see them after a year. Go ahead and read the James Taylor interview for deets on this guy.

We have digital over the air channels in Canada now. We got a digital comverter last year, and James gave us another one today. They get very poor reception on their tv, whereas ours is usually excellent. Probably due to the difference in altitude between us and them. We gave them an old but working outside tv antenna. James will get a pipe and some brackets to hold the antenna in place.

We returned here. I spent some time hooking up the new digital box to the bedroom television while Patricia prepared a beer can chicken on the barbecue.

We attempted to watch a Stallone movie called "Get Carter". We only got bored so we tried watching something else. That's when Patricia started dozing off so she toddled off to bed. I'll probably scare the shit out of myself by watching some episodes of "American Horror Story".

Just now heard about the death of former CBC radio guy Bob Johnston I swear to you, just this afternoon I was wondering what had become of him. I guess I know, now. Johnston did a "today in history" feature each day for many years. He'd attempt to tell the full story of some historical event in 3 minutes. My favourite was when he explained the history of the Crusades in 180 seconds. Books 800 pages thick can't cover the full story, but he did in 3 minutes. He took a lot of crap for his superficial coverage of historical events, but I got a kick out of it. Pretentious, he was not. A lot of CBC listeners are and didn't appreciate his style.

Back to the city tomorrow. Darn.

See you on Monday!

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