Monday, September 3, 2012

Post 2105 - Back in the, Oh, Never Mind!

I am back in the city after a pretty good weekend at the cottage.

As you recall, I didn't go to the cottage until Saturday afternoon.  I was busy Friday and into Saturday doing stuff, and the hours got away from me.  But by 3pm Saturday I was on the road.  Similarly at 3pm today, I returned to the city.  As I write these words, just past 8:30pm, Patricia is on the road, having delayed her departure by several hours.

It is a return to work in the morning for both of us.  I do not want to wish my life away and to pine for something that will get here soon enough; however, the idea of retirement and spending a lot of that time at the cottage sounds good to me.  One cottage neighbour, a federal government employee, called it quits several months ago and has decided to summer at the cottage, while his wife continues to go to work every day and visit him on weekends.  He will likely remain at their cottage until Thanksgiving or so.

Said goodbye again to our American cottage neighbours today.  They will remain where they're at for another 10 days or so, but I will be at my mother's this weekend.   Patricia will likely go to the cottage this weekend and will see them.

We have been so blessed this year not to have had to put up with the ATV-driving, beer-swilling, trespassing so-and-so's.  Patricia has only seen the patriarch of that family once or twice this year.  I haven't seen them at all, not for the nearly 2 weeks we were on vacation, and not  even this past weekend.  Works for me.  Works very well for me.  It is nice not to see them.

Spoke to my mother this evening when I got back home.  She is doing fine.  I know you're concerned about her, but you needn't be.  You wouldn't believe the emails I have been getting about my mother lately.  You're so sweet.

Guess I'll bathe my body and anoint myself with oils.  Patricia's on her way home, baby!

See you tomorrow.


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