Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Post 2106 - First Day Back

I will be taking 2 vacation days this week, on Thursday and Friday.  Monday was a holiday.  This means that I only work 2 days this week, and one of those days is under my belt.

Thursday I will be going to the Valley to stay with my mother for a few days.  She is already planning and scheming what I can do for her, and when and where.  And how.  Did I mention when?  Whatever.

I now have a pretty decent computer desk down there and have a 'puter set up on it.  I know you don't care.   But I have 3 desktop computers now, with 2 of them in this home office of mine.  In between doing stuff for my mother, I will be transcribing a blog interview, one which is long overdue to be finished.  It was conducted back in June.  Darn me for having a life.

I told you before that I found the old Ada McCallum documentary that ran on the History Channel in 1998.  Well, several years ago, I promised Andy Taylor, who runs a Halifax Ghost Walk, that I would get him a copy of that documentary when/if I found the old vhs tape that housed it.  Today I contacted Mr. Taylor and he still wants a copy of the show.  I will try to get that to him tomorrow night after I finish my Toastmasters meeting.

Yeah.  I know.  You don't care.  I am just trying to impress you with all the people that I know.  Did I tell you that Senator Mike Duffy got in touch with me last month?  Huh?  Yeah.  I know.  You don't care.  Well, I do.

Tomorrow is my Friday.  I promise not to brag about it too much to those of you who will be working for the balance of the week.

Well, maybe a little.

See you tomorrow.


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