Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Post 2107 - My Friday

Some of you know that I am a civil servant.  The perception with some folks is that civil servants don't do any work and that we have an inordinate amount of vacation.


It is true that I have 175 hours of vacation per fiscal year.  After this week, I will still have a shade over 90 hours left to use up by March 31, 2013, or carry it over or something.  There are options.  But it took me from August 1993 when I joined government to April 1, 2010 to reach this plateau of 175 hours.  We start out at 3 weeks.  After 6 years, it went to 4.  That was part of our new contract.  As it turned out, I was approaching my 6th year when this came into effect, which was pretty cool.

When I worked for the private sector, I started out at 3 weeks.  After... 5 years I think, it went to 4, and stayed there.  I think if you were valued particularly you could negotiate more time off in lieu of a bigger salary increase or something.

Anyway, this is all a preamble to stating that I am off work for the next 2 days, or should I say, 15 hours.  I will be at my mother's for most of that time, helping her out in ways she hasn't conceived of yet but she will shortly.  She always does.  When I have a chance to come up for air, I will be transcribing some pieces of the blog interview I conducted in June.  I would like to publish it in its era of relevancy.

But, fear not, effendi!  I will still be blogging my little heart out over the next few days.  I know that my readers are insatiable and that feeding the cavernous maw which is this blog is something that I must do in the same way that I must breathe, that I must eat (thought not as much as I do!), and that I must check my fly when I leave the men's room.  Probably in that order.  I haven't really spent much time thinking about it.

Newbie has snuggled up next to me, waiting for me to tell him his bedtime story.  I am getting tired of talking about the Three Blind Mice.  It's almost a fetish with him.  Maybe you can suggest a couple new ones.

And, please, not the Cat in the Hat.  It might give him ideas.

See you tomorrow.


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