Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 2108 - Hello, Valley!

I'm thumbing these humble, sub-par, possibly pathetic words at my mother's. She's in the living room napping. Newbie's writhing around on the floor. And I'll be turning in shortly.

I drove up here late this afternoon after puttering around the house for most of the day. I did laundry. I washed dishes. And I watched the latest episodes of "Boss" and "Breaking Bad".

After dinner, I hooked up my "new" scanner and my "new" laser printer. The latter set me back a whole 20 bucks and. included an unopened box of toner, even though there's some toner left in the printer. The guy I bought it from was not all that happy about the sale. He lost quite a bit of money on it. Had it worked under his Mac, he'd have kept it for sure.

The printer may last me for a few years or even longer. I've heard of consumer-grade laser printers that lasted 15 years. Even longer. People may not want a printer that only does 300 dpi. Or they buy a new computer running a new OS that isn't on speaking terms with their old laser printer. In this case, the printer languished in a closet for 2 years before he hauled it out, dusted it off, and tried to sell it. It remained on kijiji for several weeks before I agreed to look at it, and buy it.

I fired up the ubuntu-based computer after hooking the printer to it, and the computer just knew what the make and model were. Of, course, the printer printed off what I wanted, flawlessly.

I also hooked up a scanner I got from kijiji for practically nothing. Once again, the computer recognizes the scanner and cheerfully puts it through its paces.

The computer and peripherals are in a bedroom here. In fact, it was the bedroom I used when I was growing up. Kinda nice to be using it again. Had some good times in this bedroom. Had some crappy ones, too.

In recent years, Dad used it. His hospital bed was in here. A couple of months ago, we gave it away to some folks who needed it. It took 4 of us to get the damned thing to their truck. Mom and I don't miss it. It was an eyesore and dominated this room. Now, I get to keep this computer desk and equipment here, which suits us just fine.

I still detect Dad's presence in this room. Or, maybe it was his Bengay.

Tomorrow will be a busy day here. Guess I'll call it a night.

It's a night.

Ha ha. Get it?

Never mind.

See you tomorrow.

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