Friday, September 14, 2012

Post 2116 - Well, That Was Fun

I slept in this morning.  Not too late, because I had to go to the Q104 studios to get some pictures of Bobby Mac for an upcoming interview.

The trip from my house to the Q studios barely took 15 minutes.  I was told to show up at 9:45, and I made sure I was 5 minute early, because that's the way I roll.

Bobby greeted me.  When he is out of "character", he's a different guy, very polite and well-mannered, almost conservative in his behaviour.   He led me into studio, where I met BJ Burke and BJ Wilson.

I got a bunch of pictures of Bobby, and I will download them to this computer on Saturday.  I was taken into the news room and saw my friend Kate Peardon, late of K-Rock, late of Newcap, and very recently late of Hal FM.

I don't know all the details.  I just know she was hired to be a morning co-host on that fine station.  Within 2 weeks, she was gone, having quit.  Within days she was back on the air at Newcap.  She works weekends and as well is a full-time student at NSCC.   She must have been filling in for someone this morning.

When Kate left suddenly, they removed her bio from the website.  The bio for her and Sheamus used the very same questions I had used on Kate Milton and Jaclyn Irwin last year, those questions having been supplied to me by Dan Barton.  Sheamus was the sole morning host there for maybe a week.  By the day after Labour Day, he was moved to Afternoon Drive, and Frank Lowe was ensconced as the morning host.  It's official.  Hal FM has gone through more morning hosts than I have pairs of socks in my sock drawer.  And I like socks.

I got the pictures.  Made my departure.  Promised Bobby I would work on the interview this weekend.  Got some breakfast.

I returned to the house.  A guy would be coming here in the early afternoon to pick up my commercial vhs tapes.  This meant stuffing a couple hundred movie tapes into 5 different blue bags and dragging them up the stairs and awaiting my friend's arrival.

Carrying that crap up the stairs nearly did me in.  By the time Tony got here, and I saw he was using two canes this time, I knew that I would have to get them to his car on my own.  Which I did.

The tapes are gone.  He will share them with friends and relatives of them.  And, no, I don't want to get into how much I paid for the damned things.  They weren't free, and some of them were pretty pricey.   I don't know how much I paid; I don't want to think about it too much.

After Tony left, I was zonked, so I took a nap, waking up around 3:30 when the phone rang.   I will be spending hundreds of dollars on my car in early October.  Is it too late at night to sigh?  No?  Good!  Sigh!

I have had a quiet evening at home.  Newbie is behind me at the other computer desk in the box he claimed for himself.  And I will be turning in shortly.

Saturday will be a day for cleaning around here.  At least, that's the theory.  I may do nothing at all.  Really tick Patricia off.

I'm a little devil, aren't I?

See you tomorrow.


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