Saturday, September 15, 2012

Post 2117 - My Saturday

I ripped or pulled or did something to myself when I removed all those vhs tapes from the house on Friday.  As well, the middle finger on my left hand, my dominant hand, got injured somehow.  Hurts like frig.

Patricia remains at that Outdoor's Woman thing today.  She returns on Sunday.  This means that the stuff I didn't get done the last couple of days, has to be done today.

Saturday morning I took myself out to  brunch.  Afterward, I drove around and chanced upon some yard sales.  I bought another radio.  It was cute and only one dollar.  I bought a tape measure for 25 cents.  They keep disappearing around here.  And I nearly bought a flat screen computer monitor, but the guy couldn't find the near-proprietary power cord for it, so I backed away.  Instead, I bought a couple of non-powered usb hubs for a dollar each.

I have had a quiet afternoon and evening.  I have rested to help control the pain I feel.  I am just hoping I feel well enough in the morning to tackle what has to be tackled.

I'll let you know... tomorrow!


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