Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post 2118 - Sunday, Sunday!

Well, I was up late Saturday night, past 1:30.  Couldn't sleep.

Once again, I missed the Stan Carew show on CBC radio.  It is apparently one of the most popular radio shows in the entire country.  At times, upwards of 40% of all radios in the Maritime provinces are tuned into his show.  I love listening to it, but in recent weeks, I have slept in to the point where I miss most of it. Damn me and my sleep requirements.

I tackled the dishes this morning.   Took a while.  Quite a while.   Holy frig.  Another few minutes and my fingers would have pruned up to the point where I could have become a hand model for the California Raisins.  After they were done, I cleaned off the stove because Patricia tells me I miss that chore a lot.  I also threw out the old coffee maker this morning because it had disappointed me one time too many.  I spent 45 minutes this morning trying to brew coffee in that thing, but no amount of cleaning the basket that the water goes into would make a difference.  Gone.  We have another coffee maker that's a lot better.  Pressed it into service this morning and it prepared the coffee perfectly within 5 minutes.  Great stuff.

Patricia returned mid afternoon from her BOW, Becoming an Outdoor Woman.  They have chapters of this all around the world, apparently.  She loved it.  Had a great time.  She did things in the outdoors that I have never done and likely never will do.  For dinner, we foraged for pizza and garlic fingers.

Watched "The Lincoln Lawyer" this evening.  I had my annual shower, so I should smell decent for work tomorrow and maybe even the day after that.

Life is good.

Which means that I'm waiting for life to kick me in the ass sometime soon.

See you tomorrow.


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