Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post 2121 - Bevboy's Back (and Bevboy's Back!)

Hey, folks.  I'm back.

Ha ha.

I have spent the last week since seeing my doctor on the 18th, pretty much resting and taking the drugs offered me by my physician.  They included pain killers and powerful muscle relaxers which made me sleep a whole lot.  Even when I was awake I was tired.

I stopped taking those muscle relaxers on Sunday because I didn't want to become addicted to them and I don't think they were required any longer.  Maybe I was wrong.  There are several of those pills left and I hope I don't need to use any of them.

I have been off work for more than a week now.  I return to work in the morning.  I will struggle to remember everyone's name.  Let's see here.  At least 50% of the women have names that have a "J" sound, as in "Jane" and many others.  If I have to reach for a name, I will just say, slowly, "Hi, J...", and then be cut off when she says hello to me in return.

The men's names may be a little harder.  They're all over the place.  "J" names and "D" names and "K" names.  If I forget any monikers, I will just say, "Hi, buddy!" to each of them until the names come back to me.  They should, after a month or so.

Newbie is in the bed next to me, stretching out and waiting to get his belly scratched.  In return, he will scratch the exposed flesh on my body until blood is drawn.  Tell me again why I keep him around.  Please!

See you tomorrow.

(It's great to be back!)

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