Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Post 2122 - Training

It was my first day back to work this morning after my back issues.  And, I didn't have any trouble remembering people's names.  As you know, I worry about stuff like that.   Maybe I shouldn't.

I favoured my back today, which is to say I didn't make any sudden moves and stood up and walked carefully.  By day's end, though, I was pretty bushed, and my back was beginning to ache.  Patricia and I had dinner at Michael's next to my work.

After that, we drove to Summer Street, there to attend the mandatory training for Hal-Con.  We are both volunteering for the con this year.  We will probably be pretty busy all that weekend, but I am looking forward to it anyway.  I have fallen away from volunteering in recent years.   An early series of posts in this blog discussed the reasons why I stopped volunteering for most things.   You can go back and read all 3 parts of that series, and then realize that if I were to write about that today, I would do it in one part and not three.

Here's part one.  Here's part two.  Here's part three.

Yeah.  I know.  Early days.  It's like looking at high school photographs of one's self.

Anyway, if I volunteer for anything now, it's for mostly selfish reasons.  I volunteer for Operation Red Nose every year because my cousin was killed by a drunk driver in the year 2000.  She was 23 years old.  Had just had a baby.  And was out walking with some girlfriends when a drunk driver slammed into them all and ended up killing her.  If I can play some small, tiny, infinitesimal part in keeping those people off the road, then I am happy to do so.  I am being selfish in doing this.

Likewise for Hal-Con.  I attended Wolfcon a few times in the 1990's and found it very interesting.   For many years there was no convention in these parts for those of us interested in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics and all that stuff.  When it returned in 2010, Hal-Con was being done right.  I attended it with a media pass in 2011, and this year I am stepping up to the plate to help my friend Shane Wilson out in any way he wants me.  Well, within reason of course.  I still have my dignity you know.

The training lasted about 90 minutes.  There was a lot of common sense stuff that still needed to be spelled out for the mostly young volunteers there.  They don't have to worry about me transgressing the rules.  I am too old to do most of the things they mentioned and still be able to work a full volunteer shift the next day.

By the end of the evening my back was starting to get a little sore.  I took a pain killer when I got home, as well as a muscle relaxer.  It will be an interesting night of sleep.  Patricia will have to pour a bucket of cold water on me to rouse me in the morning.  Maybe even 2 buckets.

Two more work days this week.   Will I make it?

See you tomorrow.


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