Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post 2123 - Thursday

It is nearly 10:30pm Thursday night.  My thoughts are about that 16 year old boy who is alleged to have been kidnapped and brutalized by two older men for the better part of 2 weeks, in an obscure and very rural part of the province.  

I have nothing to add to this discussion other than that I am confident that the police are running a professional and thorough investigation.  I hope that the guilty parties are caught and soon.

On that happy note...

The weekend is nearly here.  My back feels better today than it did yesterday, which in turn is better than the day before.  People at work are writing me and telling me about their own back issues.  No point in giving out names, of course; but some of those folks read this blog.  Others should read this blog, but I'm not bitter or anything.  

It is interesting to me how many people in my line of work have back problems.  It's not like we are big weight lifters or something like that.  Most of us are sedentary.  Even the ones who work out have told me, in a conspiratorial tone, that they have had back problems, too, almost as if that statement were an admission of some weakness of some kind.  It isn't, folks.  It just means we all have to be a bit more careful with how we lift things, and under what circumstances.

In other news, after work tonight, Patricia and I hied ourselves to the local Staples in Bayers Lake, there to pick up a fresh label cartridge for the label maker I bought during the 2011 Boxing Week sales.  The label maker was very inexpensive but had more features than I would need.

I didn't use the label maker for much.  I mostly used it to produce labels that said "Bevboy" and affix them to items that I own.  The water bottle I keep at my work has one on it.  Drop by and see it sometime.  Patricia has been using the label maker to produce labels for the various bottles of spices and crap she keeps in the kitchen.  Lots of labels.  In a twinge of guilt, she offered to buy a new cartridge this evening.


A single label cartridge costs $22 or so, more than I paid for the damned label maker.  This is akin to how they suck you in with the cheap ink jet printers, and then you go broke buying new ink jet cartridges for the stupid thing.  I will look on ebay for these "M" labels.  $22!  Outrageous.  Highway robbery.

Friday will be here very soon.  Then, Friday night.  Then, more rest and recovery.  Ah!  I can hardly wait.

See you tomorrow.


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