Sunday, September 30, 2012

Post 2126 - My Sunday

It is Sunday evening, just past 9pm.  I am showered and shaven and ready for another week of work.   I am not sure if it is ready for me, of course.  That's another story.

I have received several feedbacks from several folks who have written to tell me where they are in the world.  There is still plenty of time to get your "ballot" in.  The person who writes to tell me where they are in the world and that place is the furthest away from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, then you win something from my vast collection.  No vhs tapes, though. They're gone.   Still have some cassettes, though.

I have 3 more audio files to transcribe in the Bobby Mac interview.  I think you will really like it.  He reveals a side of himself that his listeners would find hard to believe.  I look forward to sharing it with you.

Uh, let's see here.  I did several loads of laundry today.  The laundry room is next door to my home office.  I'd throw some delicates and foundation garments in the washing machine, transcribe an audio file or two, and then remove the clothes and hang them up to dry.

I realize this is about as interesting as watching grass grow, but it has been one of those quiet, restive weekends that I don't have enough of any more.  I do hope that I have many more of them in the coming months.

Guess that's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.  I know all 4.7 of you can't wait.


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