Monday, October 1, 2012

Post 2127 – Bevboy Sinisterized


So, a friend at work gave me a double movie pass to a sneak preview of “Sinister”, a horror film that will not be released until October 12th.  Thanks, Michael.

Decided to check out the films official website during my lunch hour.  They have a neat feature whereby you can upload a picture and it will be altered in such a way that it fits within the context of the official movie poster picture.

Here is that picture.


Ooh!  Spooky!  I’m scared.  Protect me!  Mommy!

Now, here it is, with the official Bevboy avatar:


Sinister_Poster -- Bevboy

I don’t know about you, but I like the second picture better.  Much better. The glasses convey a certain malevolent and inscrutable quality.  And don’t forget about that demonic grin.  Jesus and Jehovah, that grin.  It sends chills down a woman’s spine, and makes strong men shake with fear.  Dogs will pee themselves, and cats won’t notice.

Run to the hills, folks.  Run for your lives!

We see the movie tonight.  I will shelter myself in Patricia’s bosom if I become overly frightened, or if I just need a snack.  Otherwise, I will give you my thoughts on the film in the next post of this wonderful blog of mine.  All 4.7 of you will love it.  You hang on my every word, don’t you?  You 4.7 rascals!

See you tomorrow.


P.S. Do you agree with my observation that if they made a porno version of “The Dark Knight Rises”, that they wouldn’t have to change the title?  Discuss!

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