Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Post 2128 - A Great Meal

Well, we got home from work this evening.  We looked at each other and asked what we would have for dinner.  I said I wasn't sure.  So did Newbie.

Wait a minute.

Ha ha.

It was Patricia who said that.

We thought about ordering in a pizza, Patricia and I, but decided not to spend the money.  We're  not rich like the 4.7 people who read the blog every day.  Instead, Patricia went into the kitchen, where she belongs, and made a pizza.  She found some multi grain flat bread that was reminiscent of pizza crust, plus some cooked hamburger in the fridge that should be put to good use before much longer, plus some cheese and pizza sauce and pineapple.  Don't forget the pineapple.

She cooked it in the oven we bought last year to replace the piece of crap stove that was there when I moved in back in 2001.  So nice to be able to turn on a stove without having to pray to  Baal that the house won't burn down while the food is cooking.  You know what I mean.

(Don't know about Baal?  Here, read about him.)

The pizza was delicious.  It tasted all the better because it hadn't cost us anything.  We just used ingredients that were in the fridge or on a shelf or on the floor, or which we had wrested from one of the cats and threw it on the crust and baked the hell out of it for 20 minutes.  We ate the whole thing in one sitting.  Yum.  The pizza wasn't made by some guy at some pizza place working for minimum wage.  It was made by Patricia and with love. 

Patricia may stay in the house for an additional day.

I am a benevolent Bevboy.

See you tomorrow.


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