Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Post 2129 - Another Great Meal

Skipped Toastmasters tonight because Patricia wasn't feeling that well.  We got groceries after work and returned here.

I mewled.  I cajoled.  I pleaded.  I nearly begged.   And Patricia made another pizza.

It was very similar to last night's.  If anything, it was a little bit better.  This time we had a side salad.

After the repast, we looked at each other and pronounced that we had had enough pizza to last both of us for some time to come.  The itch, nearly as acute as one caused by poison ivy, has finally been scratched.  No more pizza for at least a month.

During dinner we watched the latest episode of "Sons of Anarchy", where a character that had been on the show since Day One got offed, and in a bad way.  You just know that Jax and the others will get their revenge by the end of the season.  I look forward to that pay back.

I have to get up at the crack of dark Thursday and jump in my car and get to the dealership for a check up and maybe some repairs.  That is to say, my car will get the check up and the potential repairs.  I would have to see my physician for those things.  I mean, I would never take my car to the doctor.  That would be silly.  For one thing, my car would never find a suitable magazine to read in the waiting room.   It just would not do.

Tomorrow is my Friday.  Off on the actual Friday, for a 4 day weekend.  I will think about you on Friday, you working people you.

Newbie is nudging against and purring in a way I find most seductive.  Guess I'll turn in.

See you tomorrow.

PS I needed to floss my toofers today but didn't have any dental floss with me.  Sonja at work lent me some.  Thank you.  I will return that strand.
PPS  Please remind me to take some dental floss into work on Thursday.  K?  Thanks.

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