Monday, October 15, 2012

Post 2141 - I'm Still Alive

First day back to work after a weekend away from the city.  I woke up with a headache.  One of my magic pills later, and it went away.

I have a request of you.  I have no interviews booked for the blog.  Several people, some pretty famous former broadcasters, have said sure, but I haven't called them yet to arrange these discussions.  I will work on seeing both of these guys before the holidays.

But if there is a Halifax radio broadcaster whom you would like me to interview, or attempt to interview, please let me know who that is.  I can only promise to contact the person and see what happens.

There are 10 private radio stations in Halifax.  If you can't name them, then you and I have a problem.  Shame.  Shame on you.  At any rate, I have sat down with a goodly number of the people at those stations, but by no means all.  I regret that I didn't sit down with NoLuv or Scotty Mars before they left town.  RS Smooth is still around and has said yes.  Don Connolly of Information Morning has promised to sit down with me before 2014, when CBC moves out of the historic radio building (where CBC has been since the early 1940's!) and into new digs, which could be the old Bay Store at the West End Mall.  There aren't many radio people in town who do not know who I am.  That's either good, or not so good.

So, think about it.  You can reply to this blog post.  You can leave a comment on my Facebook page, or the Bevboy's Blog fan page.  You can reply to the tweet I'll be generating shortly.  Or you can send an email to this email address.   There's no excuse not to write me and ask me to consider interviewing your favourite jock.

Newbie is nuzzling against me again.  You'd think he'd be satisfied after last night, but no!  He wants more.  I'm not a machine or anything!

See you tomorrow.  I hope.


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