Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Post 2142 - Well, That Was Fun!

I took a few hours off work this morning because I injured my eye.

I'm not sure if "injured" is quite the right word.

Let me explain.

(Getting tired of these one sentence paragraphs yet?)

I was in the shower this morning.  I reached for the shampoo.  I lifted the lid on the bottle.  And I got a direct squirt of the shampoo right in my eye.  It stung like crazy.  I couldn't re-open my eye for a good 45 minutes.  Even then, after applying a cold compress to my eye, it was still not possible for me to keep the eye for any length of time.  Since it was my good eye, and I need it to drive and read and do most anything, I had little choice but to stay home.

I ended up sleeping most of the morning.  Got up around 11:30.  Dressed.  Ate something.  And drove in to work.  My eyelid was fluttering for the duration of the drive in.  And this afternoon, at work, I had to apply a compress to my eye periodically so that I could see clearly again.  Otherwise, it looked as if I had a veil over my eyes; I couldn't focus my vision on anything.

I got back home and watched the 2 most recent episodes of "Boss" and turned in for the evening.  Patricia got home around 9pm, having been to the "Dream" conference at the World Trade and Convention Centre.  Tomorrow she's going back to see Michael J. Fox speak.

Tonight my eye is still blurry and prone to tearing.  It is hard to believe that a single squirt of shampoo would do this to me, but it did.   Even now, it is hard for me to focus on the words on this screen; they move in and out of focus.  I can only hope that my vision is better in the morning.

So, that was my day.  How was yours?


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