Thursday, October 18, 2012

Post 2144 - One Day Left

This will be a fairly short post.  Been a long day.

I went back to a dentist today, after 18 months or so.  The main reason was that 2 weeks ago, when I was eating something, a filling was literally sucked out of my head.  The filling is at my desk if you want to see it.  It was a gold filing, so perhaps I could melt it down and make a few bucks.  Or maybe I could fashion the filling into an earring for Patricia.  Romantic.  From the heart.  And a part of me. I like it!

I will have the filling replaced and crown work down to make the tooth more-or-less whole again.  That wonderful day will be October 30th.  To prepare for it, I will take some medication to make me mentally incompetent for a couple of hours.  Patricia will have to drive us home that day and perhaps be able to convince me to sign over my house to her in my bewildered state.  I'll wake up in a ditch somewhere, after Newbie had licked my face to rouse me.   Together we would fend for ourselves and devise a way to get the house back.  Or cut our losses and pick up some hookers and blow.  I like the latter option.

I was supposed to go canvassing after work tonight with Dawn Sloane, who is running for re-election on Saturday the 20th.  We agreed to meet outside my work at 4:30, so I stood outside, walking back and forth, until nearly 5:30.  Some people probably thought I was a man whore,  what with my walking around so much.  Flattered by that.

Dawn never showed up.  I am not sure what happened.  I am guessing something came up at the last minute that made it impossible to meet with me.  

Got home.  Cooked salmon for supper.  Watched some telly.  And nearly fell asleep during Two and a Half Men.  Mother of God, has that show ever been amusing?

I guess I'll turn in.  Friday awaits.  Which means another weekend is on its way.  Besides, Newbie is giving me that come hither look.  I don't mind that, but it is increasingly difficult to be the woman in this relationship.

See you tomorrow.


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