Friday, October 19, 2012

Post 2145 - The Weekend Is Here!

It is late Friday night.  I will re-turn in shortly.

After work tonight, I picked up something from kijiji.  It is in a part of the city I had not been.  Larry Uteck Drive and surrounding streets are sprawling and I have no idea where the people come from who live there.  Are they former apartment dwellers who have bought and ended up living there?

We were up crazy late Thursday night/Friday morning.  An incident involving one of our cats required our attention in the middle of the  night.  We didn't return to the hay until nearly 3am, and then slept in until 6:45.  What woke me up was when Newbie came up to me and scratched my nose with his paw.  He wanted to eat and decided to rouse his human.  I'm glad he did.

It's been a very long day.  I look forward to getting many hours of sleep.  If Newbie tries to get me up, I will think un-PC thoughts about him.

Tomorrow we will start our annual Fall cleaning.  Well, biennialFall cleaning.  Hmm.  Triennial?  Quadennial?  Quinquennial?  Ish.

Unless we put it off.

Yeah.  Let's put it off.

See you tomorrow.



Unknown said...

Ask John D. he lives up there now...

Unknown said...

Ask John D ... he's one of those Larry Uteck dwellers now..

Bevboy said...

Yeah, I know he does. He is one of my 4.7 readers, so I hope he sees this and we have a chuckle over coffee on Monday.

How's things going, Les?