Saturday, October 20, 2012

Post 2146 - What Can I Say?

I am back home after hanging out at Dawn Sloane's house for a few hours this evening, the night of the municipal elections.

By now, no thanks to the ridiculously tardy website updates, you will know that Dawn came out on the wrong end of the vote, coming in second to Jennifer Watts.

I don't know Ms.  Watts and I have no intention of finding out what kind of person she is.  I just know that over the years that Dawn Sloane has been nice to me when there was no political reason for her to. I do not live in her district.  I have no sway with anybody.  I am just a blogger extraordinaire with incredible hair and a radio fetish.  But Dawn has always  had time for me.

I will miss the times she took me into parts of city hall where you can't normally go in order to get some interesting Christmas tie pictures.  She came to visit our Toastmasters club in 2006 and wowed 'em.  And she was one of the earliest interviews for this blog.  Here's the link to it.

She fought so hard to represent the people of the downtown and parts of the North end.  She gave 12 years of her life to public life.  And now, due to the vagaries of district redistribution and the type of people who live in the bigger part of the new district, Dawn is out of a job that she has loved doing.  Thanks, folks.  Thanks a lot.

I have stated it before.  I will again, now, more forcefully.  The people who thought that it would be a good idea to reduce the size of Halifax Council from 23 to 16 are wrong.  They thought that a reduced council will result in better government.  It won't.  It will result in a more arm's length distance between the voters and those who represent us.

Dawn Sloane is a scrapper, and a fighter.  She will land on her feet.  And for what it's worth, I am in her corner.  I am privileged to call her a friend.  And I wish her all the best, every success, that someone like her deserves.

We have not heard the last of Dawn Marie Sloane.


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