Sunday, October 21, 2012

Post 2147 - Fall Cleaning

Didn't leave the house today.  After sleeping in this morning I got up and made us breakfast.  We watched some telly.

In the afternoon, I cleaned the bathroom.  I wouldn't say you could eat off the floor in there, but the cats could, at least when Cindy's  not pissing on it.

Newbie found a cat toy this afternoon that he had not noticed in some time.  He has been playing with it to  the point where I wonder why he had forgotten about the thing.  It was hanging on a door knob upstairs here.  Silly guy.

It's back to work in the morning. 4 day work week.  And it's the same week in which Hal-Con takes place.  Patricia and I are both volunteering for it this year.  Our job is to cover the con as much as we can, taking a ton of pictures and shooting some video as necessary. And, too, I am a driver this year, so I will probably have to run the roads for them at some time or another.  That's fine.  It won't be my gas.

Newbie is rubbing up against me.  That horn dog!  I mean, horn cat!  He complicates my life.

See you tomorrow.


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