Monday, October 22, 2012

Post 2148 - Bevboy Needs Your Feedback!

I couldn't help but notice that Sunday night's blog post, which I produced very quickly last evening, was liked by 3 people on Facebook.  Someone actually ticked the "funny" box at the bottom of the post.

I have no idea why.

None whatsoever.

I thought at best that there was a modest chuckle in there, the kind of laugh you'd get from reading the "Life's Like That" feature in the Reader's Digest.   Do they still run that feature?  A real guffaw fest, that.

So I call upon your assistance.

Folks, I need to know from you what you like about my blog and what you don't like.  I will promise to read all of the posts and view them as constructive feedback and not cry too much.  I will not necessarily incorporate your suggestions and your criticisms into the blog.  After all, if you would like to make the blog into something that you'd like to read more than I would like to write, then why not start your own damned blog and write it any way you want to?

I will give you some hints.  The radio-related interviews are by far the most popular feature on this blog.  If you take a look at the most popular posts for this blog, along the right hand side of the screen on the main page, you will see that most of them are interviews.  These things are a labour of love.  I am fairly well known for them, not just in Halifax, but in other parts of the country.  Those interviews will continue, even though none is booked at the moment.   But if you can suggest areas for improvement in these interviews, other than making them a lot shorter because I'm not, I will pay attention.

I try to put some humour in here from time to time.  If you ever think I'm trying to be funny and not succeeding at all, then please let me know, and cite specific instances when this was the case.  On the other hand, if I ever write something that made you laugh your keister off, then let me know about that, too.

Other posts are deadly serious, like my comments about things in the city that I don't like, or my dad's eulogy, or stuff like that.   And my most controversial post was the one about the policy regarding "Women and Children First" from a couple of years ago.  Look it up.

Bottom line: Is the overall tone of the blog something that you like?  Do you want to see more of x and less of y?  You can respond to me via twitter at @bevboy0223 .  You can leave a comment on the FB status update associated with this blog post either on my main FB page, or the Bevboy's Blog fan page.  You can leave a comment with this blog post.  Or you can send me an email right here.

Come on, folks  Put on your thinking caps.  Let me know what you think of... Bevboy's Blog!

See you tomorrow.


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