Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post 2149 - Tuesday Night Blogging

Patricia this evening felt the way I felt Monday evening.  She went to bed around 6:20pm and remains there.

I have spent the evening doing things she doesn't care about.  I watched the season ender of "Boss", starring Kelsey Grammer.  I ate something.  I cleaned up an area in my recroom where Cindy has been peeing a lot lately.  That was great fun.   The stench caused my nose hairs to retreat up inside my nasal canal and refuse to come back out until I was finished this grim task.  I don't blame them.

We're all hopeful that an additional clean up will eliminate the odours and other things that Cindy left behind.  I love that cat, but I don't love what she does.  If you know of a way to prevent a cat from using your house as a litter box, then I'm all ears.  Just don't make fun of my ears. I am very sensitive about them.  Prince Charles recently looked at me and said he thought my ears were huge.  Pot, meet kettle.

I am writing this blog post on my netbook.  I don't use the netbook that much.  If I don't use it for a significant period of time, then I make more and more typo's on it.  I keep telling myself that it is ridiculous that we continue to use the qwerty keyboard 125 years after it was first devised, but people don't believe me when I say that the qwerty keyboard was originally designed to prevent the keys on manual typewriters from jamming, so some wise man took the most commonly-used  keys and moved them as far apart as possible.  The most modern computer continues to use this deliberately inefficient keyboard.  Ironic, huh?

Folks, I wrote a paper about this in university.  I got a good mark on that paper so that should mean something to you.

Ah, what else is going on?  I got a very nice email from Dawn Sloane over night.  I won't reveal the content of the message other than to state that she is decompressing and getting over her election loss Saturday night.  I remain fully confident that she will land on her feet and get something suitable and better, soon.   I will miss her on in the media, though.  She certainly made herself available over the last 12 years, didn't she?  Other than the mayor, I think it's safe to say that Dawn was the most visible municipal politician in Halifax.

Tomorrow night is Toastmasters night.  It means I should think about shaving my face and brushing my teeth and maybe even changing my underwear.   I may  only have time in the morning to do 2 of those things.  I hope I select the correct ones.  Sometimes I show poor judgement.

I still haven't booked my next radio-related interview.  I  have a full list of folks who want to sit down with me.  There just are not enough hours in the day.  Frigging job.  Frigging Patricia.  Frigging requirement for sleep and victuals.

Newbie is sashaying up to me in a suggestive manner.  Doesn't he realize that I'm not that easy?  All  he has to do is ask.

See you tomorrow.


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