Thursday, October 25, 2012

Post 2151 - It's Here!

I am back home, fairly late at night, from the walk through for Hal-Con.  It all starts at noon on Friday.

After work we killed some time at the Paderno sale at the Halifax Forum, pretty close to my work.  Patricia bought some stuff for  some folks for the upcoming holidays.

After that we drove downtown and against all odds we found a parking space downtown, on Granville Street.  We moseyed our bodies over to the Pogue Fado and had dinner.  I pointed out the cool radio photo in the Pogue, and after a moment Patricia was able to guess the name of the CHNS broadcaster who went on to appear in a James Bond movie.  Of course, I had to drop a hint or two.

(Do you know the name of this person?  And, bonus points, what Bond movie was he in?  The answer is in one of the interviews you'll find on the blog!  Also, this person had a brother.  What was his claim to fame?)

We went to the walk through for Hal-Con.  We got jazzed and worked up for the impending weekend. It will be so awesome.

The blog posts this weekend will be different.  I plan to produce quite a few shorter ones.  They will contain pics of people at the convention plus of as many celebrities as possible.  I have a media pass that lets me get into areas most people can't get into, along with a mandate to take these photos and shoot this video.  I also hope to conduct some brief interviews with some folks and post them here as well.   Each of these items will be different enough to warrant its own post.

Friday can't get here soon enough.

See you tomorrow!!


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