Friday, October 26, 2012

Post 2152 - Not Quite Yet

Boy, Hal-Con was fun today!

Oh, wait a minute.

We didn't go.

We slept in something fierce this morning.  Patricia wasn't feeling super well, so we stayed in. Laundry was done.  Dinner was cooked.  TV was watched.

Tomorrow will be a different story.  We will get up early, 6-ish, so that we can get a good breakfast and be downtown early, for  there are quite a few panels and events we want to cover at Hal-Con.  You will find out what things via a series of tweets I will send out.  Pictures from my digital camera and videos from my video camera will be uploaded to the official Hal-Con website; many of those will make it to the blog as well.

As I mentioned last evening, I will do my best to put up a series of blog posts this weekend, linked by a "Hal-Con2012" label so that they can be easily re-read at your leisure if not mine.  Each post will discuss one subject, one theme, one topic.  There will be several subjects; hence, there will be several blog posts.

Looking forward to it?

Well, are ya?  Punk?

PS  Shane, sorry we didn't drop by on Friday.  We will make up for it over the weekend.

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