Saturday, October 27, 2012

Post 2153 - Hal-Con 2012, Day Two (Day One For Bevboy)

Phew! Long day.

We got to Hal-Con around 9 this morning.  Our mandate was to go forth and take as many pictures and shoot as much video as possible.

Over the course of the next 10 hours or so, with a few health breaks along the way, I had taken more than 100 pictures and shot 12 videos or so.

I mentioned that I will be putting up several posts about Hal-Con, and I will.  Just not tonight.  It is 10pm.  My dogs are barking.   I need to get some sleep so that I can get up early tomorrow morning and go back to Hal-Con for several more hours of nerdy fun.

In the meantime, I thought you might all enjoy another Bevboy's Blog greeting, this one courtesy of Ajay Fry of InnerSPACE on the Space Channel.  I had given Ajay a blog card last year.  When I gave him one this afternoon, he said he remembered me from the very distinctive Bevboy's Blog card that I use.   Nice of him to say that.  I told him that Patricia had become such a fan of InnerSPACE that she turns to that channel every weeknight at 7 without my having to ask her to.   When I am out of town visiting my mother or something, Patricia will tune into InnerSPACE and ask me I had seen it.  If I missed it, she would summarize the contents of the show.   She's a fan.

If you want to see an entertaining, newsy program about genre stuff, then do yourself a favour and tune into InnerSPACE on the Space channel.  It's got 3 hosts including Ajay, Teddy Wilson and Cynthia Loyst.   They know their stuff.  They're fans of the genre.  They get it.  Their infectious enthusiasm for the things they talk about comes shining through.  I like InnerSPACE a little bit more every time I see it.  I just wish it could be an hour long again.  You can't get too much InnerSPACE!

Anyway, When Ajay learned of Patricia's conversion to InnerSPACE, he was so happy that he gave her a big hug.  And, as you can see, he kindly said hello to this silly blog of mine.

Here's a small sample of Ajay's reportage.  I hope you like it. Teddy and Cynthia are just as good.  But you'll know that by watching InnerSPACE every night.  So, watch it already.

Thanks, Ajay.  I look forward to the InnerSPACE Q&A session on Sunday.  You can bet I'll be there.  Patricia can damn well stay home.

See you tomorrow.


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