Sunday, October 28, 2012

Post 2154 - See You Next Year, Hal-Con!

I volunteered again today for Hal-Con.  I had a wonderful time.  Shane let me do pretty much whatever I wanted to along the lines of taking pictures and shooting video.

There were some interesting panels this weekend.  I saw part of a panel about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Enjoyed a panel on silent film acting and 2 more steampunk panels.  The InnerSPACE panel during the lunch hour was delightfully droll.  There was other stuff.  But the highlight for me was when Ajay Fry did the greeting to the blog, which you saw on Saturday, right?  If all 3 of the hosts of InnerSPACE make it to Hal-Con in 2013, then I will try to get all 3 of them to say hello to the blog.  That would be really sweet.

I got home around 1:30 and spent time this afternoon downloading the material from my video camera and digital camera to my computer.  I also got caught up on The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead.  As much as I enjoy the former, I get a huge kick out of the latter.

As you see, I haven't put up the mini posts yet from Hal-Con.  I haven't had a chance.  I will do that over the next day or so.  Promise!

Newbie is nuzzling against me.  He missed me this weekend and wants special attention that I don't want to describe here in case it gets me in trouble with the American Humane Society.  Busybodies!

See you tomorrow.


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