Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post 2157 - A Day Later

I took a sick day today because my face was swollen and I had a lot of residual pain from Tuesday.

I feel better this evening.  Thank you for your concern.  I took it easy all day, and even took a long nap in the afternoon.

I will be on soft food for at least a few days.  I can't open my mouth to shout at my cat.  And Patricia tells me that the swelling has gone down.  She can add to it when I'm feeling better.

Say, if you want to make fun of me over the next days just invite me to go out for a steak or announce that you're going to have ribs or anything else that sounds yummy but which would kill me if I ate it.  Stuff that I should not eat for a while.  I'd do it to you if the situation were reversed.

The new fillings feel different.  Especially the big one.  I run my tongue over it, and instead of the crater I felt before, I now feel something solid there that isn't going anywhere.  But I can't run  my tongue over it for long before the pain in my tongue, where I chewed on it, comes back.  Remind me to stick my tongue out for you so that you can see what I did to myself.

I should be able to return to work in the morning.  I know that people there missed  me.  I certainly missed them.

See you tomorrow.


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