Sunday, November 25, 2012

Post 2176 - Halifax

Hey, folks.

I am back in the city after a sudden and unexpected trip to the cottage.

Patricia has asked me to be circumspect about the reasons for this trip, at least for the time being.  Suffice it to say that on Thursday, when Patricia drove to Pictou County to see her father be interred into his grave, proving to herself that the son of a bitch truly was dead, she drove past the family home and discovered a situation that required her immediate attention.  It was so important that she called me at work and practically begged me to drop what I was doing and help her deal with this situation.

I had planned to be at my mother's this past weekend.  After I got home from donating blood on Thursday, I explained the situation in general terms.  Mom wasn't happy about it because she had drawn up long, complicated shopping plans involving me and now they would  not come to fruition; but she ultimately understood.

Friday morning, after I got up, I left the 2 cats in the house with plenty of extra food and water and drove the 2 hours to the cottage.  I got there minutes after Patricia had returned from running some important errands  pursuant to this situation.

We discussed a plan of attack.  The situation would come to a head on Saturday, the 24th, and would require both of us.

Let's see here.  What can I say, and how can I say it?

Saturday morning we arrived at the family dwelling.  We remained there for the next 8 hours dealing as best we could with the situation.  It was a highly stressful, draining experience.  When we arrived at the cottage many hours after we had left, we collapsed on the couches in the living room and tried to watch some television.  But we were both so tired, so drained from the experience, that it proved impossible to stay awake for long.  We went to bed early.

We got up this morning quite late.  We resumed watching some stuff I'd brought down on tape, but after an hour we both grew tired again.  By 11:45 or so, we went back to sleep.

Mid-afternoon, we woke up again and drove into the town of Pictou to get a late lunch, early dinner.  We took separate vehicles as I was going to return to the city after eating and Patricia would remain at the cottage until Tuesday, finishing up some last-minute cleaning and putting things away before the plumber arrived Tuesday morning at 9 to turn off the water for another year.

This has been one of the most stressful few days of my life, rivaling the week my father died in 2010.  We got through it, but it took a lot out of us.  As it is, we had to leave the cats behind for 2 days, something we hate to do.  We had to draw on every resource at our disposal to deal with this situation.  I'm just glad we made it through the other side.  What doesn't kill you, blah blah blah.

Another work week awaits me.  I look forward to returning to a routine.

See you tomorrow.


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