Friday, November 2, 2012

Post 2159 - A Valley Weekend

These humble, pathetic, sub-par words are being written at my mother's place. I've had a busy day.

Got up around 8. By 9 I was on the road. There'd been an accident on the highway, so I ended up going on a detour. I got to Mom's shortly after 10. By 11 we were on the road to her doctor's appointment.

After lunch at a pretty awesome restaurant in Coldbrook, I renewed my vehicle permit at the nearby Access Nova Scotia. I have no idea why it costs 200 dollars to renew for 2 years. What does this cost cover? No idea. I just pay it and drive away.

After more shopping in New Minas we returned here. Of course, after shopping with her, I was exhausted and had to sleep for a spell.

My jaw is much better today. I still have some pain when I swallow, but that's better, too. Thank you for your concern, cards, and letters.

(To the lady who mailed me her underwar: They don't fit. What were you thinking? Jeepers.)

I got some bad news today: A dear old friend died a few days ago. His name was Bruce Newcombe and I'd known him since were kids.

Years after high school, in 1987, the summer I was working and living in Sydney, Bruce was in a car accident. His car ended up in a body of water with him in it. Hours later, he was found. Against all odds he lived.

He was never quite the same after that. There were physical afflictions and intellectual challenges that made life difficult for him. I'd see him around and we'd write by email from time to time. He was on Facebook as well.

What happened to Bruce 25 years ago, should never happen to anybody. But he improved as much as he could and fashioned a simple, and religious, life for himself. He always seemed cheerful and carefree, and I envied him for those traits because I craved them for myself.

I will miss Bruce. I wish his loved ones well during this period of bereavement. If you believe in that sort of thing, he's up there cheering up the angels and reminding them of their Bible verses.

His funeral is 2pm Saturday at the Aldershot Baptist church. I really should go.

See you tomorrow, folks.

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