Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post 2161 - An Extra Day

It is Sunday night. I just watched the 2 most recent episodes of The Walking Dead. This season is by far the best so far.

I'm still at my mother's. My neck and back acted up today, making it hard to drive. I haven't left the property all day. Fine by me.

I'm taking another vacation day on Monday. I should be able to return to the city in the afternoon. Newbie doesn't seem to mind. He likes it here. He sleeps here more than I do, and that's saying a lot.

Patricia was disappointed I was staying a day longer in the same way that an alcoholic is disappointed when a beer truck makes an accidental delivery to his house. You can take that any way you want. I think I heard her and Cindy do a high five when I broke the news.

Mom's happy I'm staying. She likes the company. She applied some ointment to my neck this afternoon. Felt good. It's still nice to be mothered by your mother.
Guess I'll turn in.

See you tomorrow.

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