Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post 2163 - Yawn!

I was back to work today after a 4 day weekend.  The calm and tranquility of being back to work was interrupted by another visit to the dentist.  This one was with the hygienist.  She worked my mouth over like an expert.  12 hours later, I am still feeling the love.

Since the day is over, I can now tell you that I made a dumb mistake this morning.  Early this morning I transferred most of my important things from my summer coat to my Fall/Winter coat.  But I neglected something pretty important: My wallet, which contained my license and insurance papers.

I got my driver's license a long, long time ago, before some of you folks were born.  I am sure that I had never forgotten my driver's license before when I got behind the wheel.  Sure, if I moved my car from one section of the driveway to another, I probably wouldn't bother to have my license on my person.  But I had never, until today, actually left my property in my vehicle without my driver's license with me.   I have no  defense for this error.  It was just my dumb mistake.

What mistake will I make tomorrow morning?  Forget to put on underwear?  Accidentally put on some of Patricia's clothes?  Wear white two months after Labour Day?

I had a headache when I got home this evening.  This meant I had to take a short nap after dinner.  I lay down on the couch until Patricia reminded me twice that I was snoring and would I please go upstairs and lie down on the bed for a spell.  I did, for about 45 minutes.

It is now after 11pm.  I should turn in, but I am watching some of the US election results.  It will be a very long evening!

You guys have a good evening.  I will see you tomorrow.

Who loves you, baby?   Bevboy does.  Don't ever forget it.


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