Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post 2166 - Bevboy's Back

Hey, folks!

I'm back.  Did you miss me?

Hmm?  What's that?  Oh, you hadn't noticed I was gone.  Well, then!

I'm sorry once again that the Blog went on hiatus for a week.   If it had been up to me, I would have continued it.  But something happened last year that made me think it wise not to blog at times when I'm not at work, unless I'm on vacation or it's the weekend.  If I'm sick or on some kind of leave other than vacation, it's in the best interests of yours truly to take a break from the blog.  Further, affiant sayeth naught.

At any rate, Patricia and I drove to Pictou County last Thursday night.  There was a torrential downpour, but we drove down anyway.  We went right to the funeral home.  Patricia said goodbye to her father while the undertaker and I chatted in a room across the hall.  Heard all kinds of dirt about why a cemetary in Pictou County is the only one in the province whose perpetual care is paid for by taxpayers. 

The next day was the graveside service.  He didn't want a funeral.  The weather was still inclement so we had the service inside the nearby chapel. 

We remained in the county until Tuesday, when we returned to the city. 

Patricia had a doctor's appointment in the downtown today, so I decided to tag along.  The downtown has changed in the year + since I stopped working there.  There is quite a bit of construction on Barrington Street.  I wonder how the joint will look in 5 years or so. 

Over the weekend, I reflected on some recent blog posts.  I know I promised to put up some pictures from the recent Hal-Con, but obviously that hasn't happened yet.  Don't worry.  I will post some pics here, and soon.

Looks like Patricia and I will be returning to Pictou County this weekend, if only over night.  We need to finish shutting down the cottage for another year.  People think it is glamorous, having a cottage.  In a certain sense, it is.  But it is not just like having a second home to take care of, it is exactly like having a second home to take care of.  Last time I checked, all the crap that needs to be done there doesn't do itself, whether it's mowing the lawn or putting the lawn ornaments away.  During the summer we thought it would be a grand idea to drag the barbecue from the shed and carry it up one flight of stairs on the deck and keep it there.  Now, we need to reverse that procedure, and it will be great fun to carry the damn thing down those same steps and lug it to the shed.  We will have to do the same thing with the glass table we keep on the deck, plus anything else that needs to be put away. 

Thursday night, right after work, I get the esteemed pleasure of returning to the dentist.  As you know, I had all kinds of fun there a couple of weeks ago getting a temporary cap for a molar put in place, plus having a filling replaced.  The permanent cap will be hammered into place tomorrow.  I hope I don't have to go back for a while.  A long while.  Remember that post where I mentioned that I would rather lick the floor of the men's room at the  Dome than go to the dentist?  I meant it.

Oh, for those of you at my work who read this: You will notice that my right thumb looks pretty gross these days.  That's because, over the weekend, I was cutting some vegetables and instead sliced my thumb open.  Hurt like a bastard.  On Monday, the wound reopened and I bled a bunch more, again.  Great fun indeed.  At least it is now, finally, on the mend.

And that, folks, is that.  It sure is nice to be back.  Let's hope that we can have a very long, uninterrupted series of posts.  I have missed you, even if you haven't missed me.  The 4.7 of you who read this now will have something  to occupy your time for 5 minutes a day to take your mind off your dreary existences.

Have a great day.  I love you all, all 4.7 of you!


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