Friday, November 16, 2012

Post 2168 - A Long Day

It is Friday night.  I am in my jammies upstairs while Patricia watches television on the main level.  Newbie is marking his territory on the bed, eying me seductively.  I will have to turn in soon if only to keep him from caterwauling.

It was a long day.  Not so much at work, but at an overview/infomercial for an upcoming software release.  The three of us piled in one of our cars and parked downtown, trudging to the training centre, lured by the promise of home-baked chocolate chip cookies.

We arrived at the session around 2; it started at 2:30.  I should have known that because it was discussing a software release in the form of a webinar that there would be technical problems, and there were.  Lots of them.  I had no idea what the head guy was saying about two-thirds of the time.  The cookies ran out long before the session did.  Never mind about my patience.

I have gone to many technical sessions over the years, or just sessions in which people are using an overhead, or an lcd projector, or somesuch device designed to facilitate the transfer of information from the person to the audience.  More often than not, there is some technical glitch, and they have to spend 20 minutes getting the damn device to work.  I have seen many intelligent folks huddled over a computer and a projector and whatever else, trying to get everything to talk to each other.  I guess it never occurred to them to test that stuff before the presentation started, huh?  I am not quite at the point where I think that all such "learning tools" should be banned, but I am getting there in a hurry.  

When it was all over, after some 3 hours, the techy guy at the office offered us each a thumb drive containing the contents of the presentation that we had spent the bulk of the afternoon being unable to see, hear or follow.  At least we can look at it at our leisure.  And have the use of a 1gb thumb drive on to which I can potentially put thousands of pictures of Newbie.

Tomorrow Patricia and I will... well, I have not been told yet.  I hope that we go see "Skyfall", but that depends on what our temperament will be like tomorrow.   We both want to see it.

It has been several months since I conducted a blog interview.  I am feeling the juices flowing again, and I don't mean the discharge from that gaping wound I created for myself this past weekend when I was cutting up vegetables.  I want to sit down with another radio person, maybe even two, before the holidays.  The only question is, who should those folks be?  I will give that some thought over the weekend.  I'm open to your suggestions, but several people have expressed an interest in sitting down with little old me.

I guess that's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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