Monday, November 19, 2012

Post 2171 - Monday

It is 9:30 at night.  I am in my jammies.  I will be turning in  shortly.  Long day, which followed not much sleep.

I was up until 12:30 this morning watching The Walking Dead and then The Talking Dead, the talk show which discusses the just-broadcast episode.  It may sound like, um, overkill, but that talk show is great fun.

The price I paid for this was having an even more difficult time getting up than usual.   I console myself in the fact that this will be a 4 day work week for me. 

Patricia had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and I attended it with her.  I had to work late this evening because a client wanted me to do some stuff that could only be done outside of core work hours.  So the fact that I worked late this evening should make up for the time I missed this afternoon.  All comes out in the wash.

When I finally did finish work, close to 5:30, I went to the car, where Patricia was resting inside, freezing her ass off, waiting for me.  She could have waited for me at my work and been comparatively warm and comfortable, but she wouldn't hear of it.  To make up for her discomfort we had dinner at Michael's Bar and Grill, a pretty good pub that we go to quite often. 

We got home.  Watched Inner Space on the Space Channel.  Watched Castle.  Patricia is watching "Bones" right now.  I don't like that show, so I came up here.

Newbie rests next to me, all curled up, with a paw over his eyes to block the bright light of the ceiling fan.  That come hither gaze and gentle trill will wash over his face shortly, and as you know, it is a clarion call I cannot resist.  Someone said that dogs have owners and cats have staff.  I am definitely Newbie's bitch.

You guys have a good evening.  I will see you tomorrow.


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