Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post 2172 - Tuesday

Hey, folks.

It is past 10:30.  I just spent 30 minutes on youtube playing back ABC's Fall Preview for 1966.  Don't ask me why.  My interests are vast. 

Patricia's birthday was today.  After work, we met at a place called the Sweet Hereafter, an establishment that serves different types of cheesecake.  They serve a cheesecake to cater to every interest, every food restriction, every fetish.  We had never been there before.  We will be back.

I keep forgetting how close I am to certain parts of the city now.  It was barely a 5 minute drive from my work to Quinpool Road.  It took nearly as long as that to find a parking space, and then hie myself to the place.  I waited for Patricia.  I got the wifi password and played with my kindle for a few minutes. 

Patricia arrived, surprised that I would already be there.  Maybe she should lobby her work to let her move to the North end of the city as well. 

After we finished our cheesecakes, we drove to Empire Theatres in Bayers Lake, with the intention of seeing "Skyfall".  By the time we got there, it was just past 6pm, and the film would commence in about 8 minutes.  No way could we get our passes exchanged for actual tickets in that length of time, not with the lineups confronting us.  So, we left with the promise of seeing the movie as soon as we can.  We  instead checked out Chapters for a while. 

While there, I saw a book that I absolutely must read.  It is called "Don't  Tell the Newfoundlanders", by ex-Codco member Greg Malone.  It is about the twists and turns and skullduggery that went on behind the scenes to get Newfoundland and Labrador to join Canada in 1949.  Coincidentally enough, it just came out today.  I chanced upon it in the history section of the store. 

Bookstores may be on their way out, but things like the kindle store aren't very helpful if you don't know what you're looking for.  It's hard to browse when there are literally thousands of entries for a given genre.  At Chapters, there is a History section with maybe 500 different books in it, broken down into subsections like World History and Canadian history.  I know you don't care, but I wish the kindle store would make random browsing a little easier to do, because I would never have known about this book through the kindle bookstore.

Anyway, we returned home around 7:30.  The cats greeted us, and wouldn't leave us alone until we had fed them.  I don't blame them.  I am the same way with Patricia when I'm home all day and she gets home from work. 

Tomorrow I will go back to Toastmasters.  I haven't been to a meeting in several weeks and I miss the joint.  I will report back on how the meeting went, tomorrow night, because I know all 4.7 of you hang on every word.

Newbie is looking at me, playing with his fur in that seductive way of his.  You know what that means!

See you tomorrow.


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