Friday, November 23, 2012

Post 2175 - Pictou

Hey, folks.

I write these words at the cottage. I drove up here this morning to help Patricia prepare the place for Winter.

We had great fun removing an old, rusted harrow from the shed and putting it behind the shed where we can't see it. Moving that thing just proved to me how out of shape I am. Had to catch my breath every few minutes. Now, at least, we've freed up some space in the shed, which can accommodate things we get down the road. We would love to have a rototiller.

After that hard work, I was exhausted and napped for 90 minutes or so. We had some dinner and spent several hours watching some stuff we had taped recently. Yes. We still use vcr's. Old tech but it still works.

Tomorrow we will run some errands. I will return to the city in the afternoon. Patricia will return on Sunday I think.

Never thought I'd get another chance to visit the cottage this year. It's been an unexpected pleasure. I will miss it over the next 6 months or so. But I miss digital cable and internet access more. Bevboy likes his creature comforts.

Seeya tomorrow.

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